The Guppy farm

This area, on the west side of Gully Road, was farmed by William Guppy and Ann Carrington Guppy from about 1850 to 1880. William was born in Somerset, England in 1807 and emigrated in 1830. Ann was born in Yorkshire, England in 1827. They were married in Skaneateles in 1844. Ann died in 1881, and William died the following year.

The 57.67-acre Guppy Farm parcel was purchase by the Town of Skaneateles from Kathleen Evans on January 18, 2002. This parcel was later (between 2008 and 2014) combined with 2.05-acre Bishop land and adjacent 3.73-acre portion of the Federal Farm property on the west side of Gully Road, so that the combined parcel comprises 63.43 acres according to the 2014 county tax map.

Guppy Farm 1938
Guppy Farm 1951
Guppy Farm 1966
The Guppy farm 1995
ca. 2000
Guppy farm ca 2000
ca. 2010
Guppy Farm ca 2010
Guppy farm contour map
contour map
Guppy farm contour map