Sep. 19, 2016 meeting

Skaneateles Conservation Area Advisory Committee meeting agenda

Monday, Sep. 19, 2016, 7:00 PM. Skaneateles Town Hall.

  • Troop 61 Eagle project: Bollards will be installed at the Guppy Falls parking lot to replace the current loose horizontal railroad ties. The picnic table will also be re-decked.  Work will start in October.
  • Troop 66 Eagle project: The vernal pool bridges including approach steps are complete.
  • Invasive plant control progress: Two of our four ESF invasives management interns have finished for the year, and two are still working to get their required number of hours in by  removing invasive plants, primarily pale swallowwort and any other invasives that would interfere with mowing the swallowwort.
  • We will also be moving one of the black tarps that are over the Phragmites at the end of the month.
  • Repair still needed on at least one of the steps on stairs up from the Guppy Falls parking lot.  One 6×6? step is nearly rotted away and the spikes are sticking up, causing a tripping hazard.
  • Map supplies are very low, so we need to continue our discussions about any trail and map changes that are needed.