Oct. 19, 2015 meeting

PDF: Minutes

Skaneateles Conservation Area Advisory Committee meeting agenda

Monday, October 19, 2015, 7:00 PM

  • Guppy Falls railing project: The Town sent a letter of thanks to Matt and the rest of Troop 66 completing the project. The minor check at the end of one of the boards has been fixed.
  • Andrew Marsh from Troop 66 will also be doing GPS updates for our maps, including accurate distances and corrections for trails that have drifted. I met with Andrew and his advisor on Saturday (Oct. 17). We found a number of the survey markers for the Guppy Farm area and determined that our trails on the western and southern borders are outside our property.       They will be making a “master” map with software that have and will turn that map over to us to use for updating our trail map and future projects. He plans to be done by January. Are there any other areas of concern that he should concentrate on?
  • Justin Wolford from Troop 61, Skaneateles is working on getting approval for an ambitious stair/step construction Eagle project. He plans to do it this summer.
  • As reported last month, members of the ESF faculty have shown interest in providing some students from their Conservation Biology Synthesis senior seminar to work on a management plan project for the Skaneateles Conservation Area during the Winter/Spring 2016 semester. We could probably have them include plans for invasive species control.
  • Contacted Finger Lakes PRISM about pesticide guidance for invasive species problems. They promised to get back with us, but according to their literature, thy usually work through CCE, so in may be just as well to go straight to them.
  • Ash-seed-collection training took place at Green Lakes on Sep. 29. Collected seeds from one tree at the conservation area and one elsewhere.
  • Did not yet inventory our supplies and equipment.
  • Next meeting Nov. 16.