May 18, 2015 meeting

PDFs: Agenda / Minutes

Skaneateles Conservation Area Advisory Committee meeting agenda

Monday, May 18, 2015

  • Boy Scout Project – Marcellus Troop 66,  Guppy Falls overlook railing: Eagle candidate Matt Winoski will present a more detailed step-by-step plan for our approval. He would also like to get permission to drive materials closer via the field adjacent to the Guppy area. James Mizro who owns the field adjacent to the Guppy Farm area is willing to allow access to the field through his property on Old Seneca Turnpike, but he said you would still need to carry the materials about a quarter mile or so, but that part is fairly flat. He would just need a heads up once the project starts.
  • The highway department is scheduled to help out on Thursday, May 21, to do most of the Conservation Area work that Ken and Randy discussed with Allen Wellington on Thursday May 14, including:
    • spreading gravel, topsoil, and seed around the pavilion,
    • removing the Phragmites australis from the fishing pond,
    • removing the brush piles from along the trails, and
    • using their equipment to help level and stabilize the kiosk.
  • Fishing derby plans –Sue Murphy emailed today saying: “I will not be able to attend tonight’s meeting, but just want you to know that we have already collected money for the t-shirts and that there may need to change the food situation per Nancy Murray. We will give you the names for the t-shirts by Friday of this week for your design.”
  • Hemlock planting – CCE Onondaga finished planting about 100 hemlocks at 4 locations near the southwest shores of  Skaneateles Lake today.  They still need to finish fencing them in case anyone is interested in helping with that.