Mar. 27, 2017 meeting

Skaneateles Conservation Area Advisory Committee meeting agenda

Monday, Nov. 27, 2017, 7:00 PM. Skaneateles Town Hall.

  1. The application for a Freshwater Wetland permit for Phragmites treatment was submitted after approval by the town board, and it was received by the DEC on March 9th.
  2. George Spak, herbicide applicator, will visit the upland Phragmites sites behind transfer station (probably by this meeting date) to determine how much added cost there would be to treat them, since they are upstream from the wetland, not in a sensitive area and easily accessible, but not all easily mowable.
  3. A group of Scouts from Troop 66 in Marcellus plans to camp at the Conservation Area from Fri. May 26 to Sun. May 28.  Any concerns?
  4. Tree planting will begin on April 20 or sooner. I’ll pick up the OCSWCD trees on April 20. Saratoga and Musser trees will be shipped to us and planted as soon as possible after they are received.  Preparation (digging holes and pulling or mowing honeysuckle) can begin sooner. Discuss tree planting locations and spacing based on the type of tree and intended purpose of the planting (direct reforestation vs. future use elsewhere).
  5. The tree-tube replacement for the 2015 trees is mostly done thanks to some nice warm days.  Some 2-ft tubes remain for next month’s planting, but not enough.
  6. Potential storage shed considerations:
    • The shed should probably be at least 100 square feet to accommodate the Billy Goat brush mower, large water tank, hand tools, and supplies like spare tree tubes, stakes, wire fencing etc.
    • The location would need to allow the shed to be moved there by a truck large enough to transport it. An area near the landfill, directly behind the transfer station might be appropriate.  It would be centrally-located and accessible through the transfer station.
    • But, the location should also be accessible by a pickup truck without going through the transfer station gate (which is only open during working hours).  This would allow us to pick up equipment on Sundays, Mondays and after-hours for transport to other parts of the conservation area, particularly those on Gully Road. The area near the landfill would not be accessible via the currently-widened SCA trails, and it’s probably not be easy or appropriate to make that area accessible from the Federal Farm gate.
  7. There has been one application so far for summer invasive species intern from ESF.