Mar. 21, 2016 meeting

Skaneateles Conservation Area Advisory Committee meeting agenda

Monday, March 21, 2016, 7:00 PM

  1. Phragmites control plan status
    1. Herbicide applicator estimate
    2. Grant application status. Was submitted and received on Friday, March 18.
  2. Vandalism discussion and repair status
    1. The kiosk has been repaired using a spare map, new plywood and paint
    2. A panel has been added to the parking-lot side
  3. ESF conservation plan status and events
    1. Dr. Whitney Marshall and some students plan to attend this  meeting
    2. Report on student proposal reviews on March 9th. Some topics for discussion:
      1. Hunter/hiker/dog-walker separation
      2. Dog waste disposal
      3. Dog enclosure and dog restrictions (e.g. west of Gully Road)
      4. Adding field-wildflower restoration area and arboretum
      5. Deer exclosure
      6. Restricting or closing trails during certain seasons to protect wildlife (e.g. turkey and grouse nesting)
    3. Site visit March 27 (Easter Sunday) from 1-4pm with Greg McGee
    4. Site visit April 2 from 9am-noon with Don Leopold
    5. BioBliz April 23-24 at SCA (
  4. Tree-planting initiatives and windbreaks