Jun. 20, 2016 meeting

Skaneateles Conservation Area Advisory Committee meeting agenda

Monday, June 20, 2016, 7:00 PM. Skaneateles Town Hall.

  • Do we want to sponsor campers at Baltimore Woods this year?  Ken.
  • Troop 66 Eagle project: boardwalk over vernal pools on Guppy Farm. Nick.
    • Measured proposed boardwalk path on May 28.
    • Total length was about 70 feet, and width will be about 2 feet.
  • Troop 66 Eagle project: Trail mapping. Andy.
    • Just under 10 miles of trails were mapped.
    • Points of interest (structures & water crossings) were also plotted.
  • Troop 61 Eagle project: stairs
    • Justin completed the 13 stairs to the observation deck on Saturday, May 28, using 6×6 lumber with a 16-inch run and 16-inch overlap.
    • He also did some invasive plant removal on that day and on June 3.
  • The fishing derby will be on July 16. Do we need to have the July meeting before then (e.g. July 11 vs. July 18)?
  • Preparation for the plaque and rock is under way. Nancy.
    • Sunday, June 19th, Moses flattened the area in preparation for installing a concrete pad this week.
  • Four invasive species management interns from ESF have been mapping and removing  invasive plants from the conservation area.
    • Selected areas of pale swallow-wort are being removed by pulling, digging, and mowing, as appropriate.  Swallow-wort populations have greatly expanded since last year!
    • An area of Phragmites has been pulled and cut.  Plans are being made to use black tarps over near-monocultures and to continue pulling or cutting where Phrag is mixed with native plants.
  • ESF may be holding a faculty-sponsored BioBlitz in the Fall.
  • Logging Mable Reynolds Preserve. Jim.