Jun. 15, 2015 meeting

PDFs: Agenda / Minutes

Skaneateles Conservation Area Advisory Committee meeting agenda

Monday, June 15, 2015

  1. Report on highway department work on Thursday May 21:
    • Cleared most of Phragmites. Will need to do rest by hand.
    • Added stone, topsoil and seed around pavilion.
    • Removed brush piles along trails.
    • Mowed Scout Field.
    • Straightened kiosk by Old Seneca Turnpike parking lot.
  2. Report on swallowwort cutting on Tuesday May 26:
    • Ken and Randy weed-ate and scythed pale swallowwort on several Federal Farm trails.
    • Will need to be repeated periodically through summer to ensure it does not go to seed.
    • This is probably not a permanent solution, but may slow the spread somewhat.
    • Discuss getting someone certified as a pesticide applicator to work on this and other problems.
  3. Report on trail identification subcommittee meeting on Wednesday May 27:
    • Fred, Ken, Tom & Randy met to discuss identification of all trails for safety, planning and maintenance purposes.
    • We agreed that we should have an identification system for  trails and possibly intersections.
  4. Report on HGCNY  tour on Saturday June 13 and invitation to committee to attend the Saturday June 20 tour.
  5. Discuss plans for the Fishing Derby to be held on Saturday, July 18.