Jan. 18, 2016 meeting

Skaneateles Conservation Area Advisory Committee meeting agenda

Monday, January 18, 2016, 7:00 PM

  1. Meet the new Town Supervisor.
    1. Jim Lanning is the newly-elected Skaneateles Town Supervisor and would also like to be our committee’s liaison to the Town Board.
    2. He toured parts of the Conservation Area on Dec. 21 with Randy and they discussed concerns about the area, including:
      1. Pond water levels
      2. Control of invasive vegetation
      3. Aesthetics of the area from the public roads
  2. Preparations for ESF Senior Synthesis project to create a management plan for the Conservation Area
    1. Project advisor Whitney Lash Marshall, PhD met with Randy at the Conservation area on Thursday, January 14th, (the week prior to this meeting) to discuss the project.
    2. She has also been invited to this meeting and agreed to be here to share ideas concerning the project.
  3. Treating the Phragmites around the beaver pond.
    1. RFPs for invasive species control from the FL-PRISM will be coming out in February.
    2. Hilary Moser from FL-PRISM has indicated that based on what she has seen of our current plans as discussed with certified applicator George Spak, our chances of receiving a grant to cover the amount that he estimated appear to be good.
    3. George recommended that we trample down the standing phragmites from previous years with snow shoes over the winter to make it easier for him to access the plants in the summer.
  4. Report on progress with GPS Eagle Scout project.
    1. The data is being consolidated.
    2. One more GPS day will probably be needed to sort out the finer details.
  5. Buckthorn and honeysuckle removal from around the aspen colony south of the observation deck to allow the colony to expand.  Aspen clones  need a lot of sunlight to survive, so their expansion seems to stop when they encounter thick bucksuckle. (John Hosford and Randy have been working on this during this season’s unusually clement weather.)
  6. Brush-mower purchase. Obtaining a walk-behind brush mower such as a Billy Goat Outback for use early in the spring would be very beneficial for mowing down buckthorn and honeysuckle resprouts from last year’s growing season. These need to be cut before the non-woody plants hide them so that we can be more selective and not end up mowing down the native seedlings that have been released by removal of the invasives.
  7. Other items.
  8. Our next meeting will be scheduled for February 15 (the third Monday of the month) if there are not any major conflicts.