Feb. 27, 2017 meeting

Skaneateles Conservation Area Advisory Committee meeting agenda

Monday, Feb. 27, 2017, 7:00 PM. Skaneateles Town Hall.

  1. Freshwater wetland permit for Phragmites control:
    • The wetland permit application was sent to Jim Lanning for his signature on February 12.
    • Added a map of the four infestations behind the transfer station, including the one on the capped landfill that could be contributing the wetland Phragmites problem (Feb. 16).
    • George Spak, the pesticide applicator, agreed to visit the site within the next two weeks to examine those infestations in order to provide an estimate of the additional cost for treating them along with the wetland infestations.
  2. Invasive Species Rapid Response and Control Grant:
    • On Feb. 1, Hilary Mosher from Finger Lakes PRISM sent us an RFA for this DEC grant, which she and I both think would be perfect for our Phragmites control project.
    • It would require a 50% match from the town, but could be used for the full 3-year control project and would allow us to expand the project to neighboring parcels, which would help ensure the success of the project.
    • Hilary has offered us help with the application, which is due on March 24, but I haven’t heard back from the town about whether they are interested.
  3. Tree shelter damage:
    • The 600 blue 18-inch Pro/Gro (roll-your-own) tree protectors that we installed in the Spring of 2015 did not stand up to this winter’s heavy snow and wind.
    • Many of the bamboo stakes that were used have also broken.
    • Most of the seedlings have survived, but are in danger of being lost if more substantial protection is not provided.
    • Jan. 4 – ordered 300 3-foot fiberglass stakes to replace the broken bamboo stakes and bolster the hardware-cloth tree cages which had given way to heavy wind and snow plows.
    • Jan. 22 – ordered 500 Rigid 3-foot mesh protectors and 100 more fiberglass stakes to support and extend existing shelters ($481.98 incl. shipping). The combination was not fully successful, but these can be used alone or with more substantial tubes., and may be easier to install in warmer weather.
    • Feb. 14 – ordered 250 Tubex 2-foot shelters ($720.55 incl. shipping) to replace the blue tubes and to use for spring tree planting. Arrived Fri. Feb. 24. Installation to replace damaged tubes is in progress.
  4. Tree orders:
    • From NYS nursery, Saratoga (325/$317, incl. shipping & handling)
      1. White Pine – Pinus strobus (25/$20)
      2. Butternut – Juglans cinerea (25/$30)
      3. American Hazelnut – Corylus americana (25/$30)
      4. American Sycamore – Platanus occidentalis (sold out)
      5. Northern Bayberry – Morella pensylvanica (sold out)
      6. Buttonbush – Cephalanthus occidentalis (25/$20)
      7. Pussy Willow – Salix discolor (25/$20)
      8. Prairie Willow – Salix humilis var. humilis (25/$20)
      9. Dwarf sand cherry – Prunus pumila var. depressa (sold out)
      10. Speckled Alder – Alnus incana ssp. Rugosa (25/$20)
      11. Wetland Rose – Rosa palustris (25/$20)
      12. Winged Sumac – Rhus copallinum (25/$20)
      13. Riparian Packet #4 (20@ Hybrid Poplar, Streamco Willow, Red Oak, White Spruce, Pussy Willow=100/$60)
    • From Onondaga County SWCD (110/$209 – must be picked up in Liverpool on Thurs. Apr. 20)
      1. Balsam Fir – Abies balsamea (10/$26)
      2. Black Hills Spruce – Picea glauca densata (10/$26)
      3. Canaan Fir – Abies balsamea phanerolepis (10/$23)
      4. American Elderberry – Sambucus canadensis (10/$15)
      5. Paper Birch – Betula papyrifera (10/$15)
      6. Silver Maple – Acer saccharinum (10/$15)
      7. Sugar Maple – Acer saccharum (10/$15)
      8. Tulip Tree – Liriodendron tulipifera (10/$15)
      9. White Oak – Quercus alba (10/$15)
      10. Native Flower Pac (2@ Black Chokeberry, Elderberry, American Cranberry, Juneberry, Buffaloberry=10/$22)
      11. Nut Tree Pac (2@ Chinquapin Oak, Black Walnut, Sawtooth Oak [non-native], Red Oak, Pin Oak=10/$22)
    • From Musser Forests: ($46 incl. shipping)
      1. American Sycamore – Platanus occidentalis (25/$36.50)
  5. Map updates. Have KML file of all trail segments and intersections. Segment lengths are being added.
  6. Discuss possibility of obtaining a shed for the brush mower, water tank, hand tools, supplies, etc. – location and source.
  7. Wind break (of trees) for parking lot on Old Seneca Turnpike. Can transplant aspen and previously planted trees, but would be on the land currently used by Cargiles for growing crops. Best location would probably be 100 to 200 feet west of the driveway.
  8. Plaque is in Nancy’s garage. Installation forthcoming…