Feb. 16, 2015 meeting

(PDF: Agenda, Minutes)

Skaneateles Conservation Area Advisory Committee meeting

Monday, February 16, 2015, 7 PM, Skaneateles Town Hall


  1. Dave Card, Marcellus Fire Chief, will discuss:
    1. Safety issues at the Conservation Area;
    2. The purchase of an off-road vehicle for accessing remote areas in rough terrain in places like the conservation area and Baltimore Woods;
    3. Naming trails and marking them with the name to give people a better idea of where they are in case of an emergency [would also help for maintenance purposes];
    4. Adding signs at kiosks to recommend that people carry cell phones and sign in;
    5. Brush burning at the conservation area [a question for Dave].
  2. Sue Murphy, Parks Manager, Mary Sennett will discuss:
    1. What the Parks Department can do to help with the Fishing Derby;
    2. Having a Playday event at the Conservation Area;
    3. How would any changes in Parks Department involvement affect our budget (keeping in mind that the Highway Department will be doing brush-hogging and Phragmites removal that will also cost)?
  3. Other Fishing Derby plans
    1. Do we need tee-shirts, sponsors, etc?
    2. Is the fish population stable?
    3. What is the planned date?
    4. Can we get gravel to level around pavilion before the derby. Maybe Welch Allyn or other volunteers could help spread it out.
  4. Results of discussion with forester about Mabel Reynolds property tree harvesting.
  5. Results of discussions about land acquisition.
  6. Management plan:
    1. Greg McGee offered support for developing the plan;
    2. Two ESF students will be available to do internship to map the vegetation types;
    3. Any more volunteers to help with the plan?
    4. Any thoughts about what should go into the plan?
      1. Vegetation type map(s);
      2. Rules and regulations (since most affect the property condition);
      3. Get inputs from the public (users of the property or potential users);
      4. Ecological restoration plans (general, but emphasizing the importance, providing guidelines and suggestions, and allocating some funding if possible).
  7. Bird feeder discussion;
  8. HWA insectary discussion.
    1. Cornell likes our site except for the fact that it’s not near any known infestations.
    2. CCE reps have offered to come here to discuss the project.
    3. But since this is not any ideal site for them, would we prefer that they look elsewhere?
  9. Any problems with the meeting night? Monday still seems best according to the email responses. Do we need a March meeting?