Aug. 15, 2016 meeting

Skaneateles Conservation Area Advisory Committee meeting agenda

Monday, July 11, 2016, 7:00 PM. Skaneateles Town Hall.

  • Troop 61 Eagle project: Eagle Scout candidate Connor Ellison will present a proposal for constructing a set of guard-rails at the Guppy Falls parking lot to replace the current railroad ties that seem to get moved weekly. He will include the re-decking of the picnic table.
  • Troop 66 Eagle project: The vernal pool bridges are complete.  They were finished during Saturday afternoon’s downpour.  Approaches to bridges need to be assessed for hikability and safety.  They need steps or ramps to reduce the distance needed to step up onto the bridges.
  • Invasive plant control progress: Most weekdays, at least two of our four ESF invasives management interns have been putting in four-or-five-hour days mapping and removing invasive plants, primarily pale swallowwort and any other invasives that would interfere with mowing the swallowwort.
  • Bee-stings reported on the northwestern leg of the yellow trail on the Guppy Farm. A woman and her dogs were  badly stung by a swarm of bees that appear to have come out from the end of a log that crossed the trail.  The apparent entry to the hive seems to have been dug up by a small animal, and there was no sign of bee activity this afternoon.
  • Repair urgently needed on at least one of the steps on stairs up from the Guppy Falls parking lot.  One 6×6? step is nearly rotted away and the spikes are sticking up, causing a tripping hazard.  Temporarily marked with a shot-up yellow boundary sign that had fallen down.
  • Map supplies are very low, so we need to continue our discussions about any changes that are needed to trails and maps.